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I began teaching these Bladder Fitness secrets to  thousands of clients with biofeedback, kegel exercises and simple bladder retraining tricks that you can easily learn at home .
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Discover How Simple Bladder Fitness Secrets Give You Instant Control Using The Tricks To Stop OverActive Bladder Problems ! 

Bladder Fitness™ has been clinically tested in Northern California since 1991 and is proven to:

  • Reclaim the activities in life you enjoy but have given up for fear of an accident or smelling bad.  Gain control of overactive bladder with this easy home bladder treatment program.   
  • Avoid bladder surgery  for a dropped bladder with a few months of Kegel exercises.
  • Have normal bladder control again instead of you being controlled by your bladder.
  • Get out of the house and socialize again, have fun again with you friends and familly; Enjoy dancing and laughing and bowling again.
  • Have a happy mood again with no worries about bladder control. You don't have to live with  your bladder is out of control. 
  • 10 minutes a day for this sinple overactive bladder training program can even have you out romancing again.
  • Don't spending money on bladder control pads and bladder medications month after month for the rest of your life.
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Developed by Biofeedback Therapist Jennifer Stephens, M.A.

"Jennifer Stephens first approached me about her interest in the natural bladder treatment for urinary incontinence in 1991...When Jennifer described newer bladder control exercises which seemingly offered a “risk-free” alternative to surgery, I was very interested if slightly skeptical. At that time, there were only a few studies which discussed “pelvic floor rehabilitation” via biofeedback techniques. Jennifer’s experience with biofeedback and her excitement over its use to improve pelvic floor strength and decrease incontinence convinced me to look further.

I decided to take a chance on this new approach to incontinence and was not disappointed by what I observed over the years to come. My patients were clearly getting better after seeing Jennifer...."

Kim Ervin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Bladder Fitness™ Success Stories

 "Dear Jennifer,
I was so happy to get your e-mail...I sure do value your treatment. You accomplished so much with your assessment and treatment. Always right on the money--and my whole life changed. I just can't tell you how much my life changed. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank you. Thanks so much, Virginia"

 Mind_Over_Bladder_ebook   "I heard your talk about Bladder Fitness™ and decided to try it. My wife was suffering from over active bladder and stress incontinence. I was beginning to have bladder control problems, too. We've used your program fo rtwo weeks, and we already noticed a big difference. After one month you wouldn't believe either one of us had a bladder problem. We'll keep using the Bladder Fitness™ tricks from now on." Gene

Learn How Bladder Fitness™ Works

  • - Learn to change your behaviors, your thoughts and your diet to control overactive bladder.Stop relying on bladder medications that only treat symptoms but don't solve your bladder problems.
  • - Learn your bladder trains you into bad toileting habits so you're not doing the Pee Pee Dance in your mad dash to the toilet.
  • - Learn how to make an overactive bladder calm down immediately at your command
  • - Learn simple steps of bladder retraining for overactive bladder and how to use Kegel exercises as a secret weapon against bladder ttacks
  • - Learn diet changes to eliminate bladder irritants
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